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A personal injury refers to physical harm (and accompanying emotional harm and other damage) inflicted on someone by the intentional or negligent act of another. The negligent party can be another driver in an automobile accident, a store owner whose negligence caused a slip and fall, the manufacturer of a defective product, a negligent or abusive nursing home staffer and the facility that employed them, or countless others. Generally speaking, a negligent party is liable to you for your injury when they owed you a duty to act carefully, they failed in that duty, and their failure caused your injury.

Plaintiff’s personal injury law is the field of law devoted to helping injury victims get the medical care and compensation they need and deserve after being injured by the negligence of another. Even when another party is responsible for your injury, it’s up to you to prove it to the insurance company or a jury and prove how much they owe you for your harm. Insurance companies often dispute liability or how much they owe, sometimes even forcing you to litigate your claims in court to get justice.

Attorney Ryan Wind is an experienced personal injury trial lawyer with a long record of obtaining settlements and verdicts for injured people and their families inside and outside of court in Richmond, Mechanicsville, and surrounding areas. Our job at Wind Law, LLC is to make sure you are successful on your personal injury claim and that you receive the full amount of compensation due to you. Learn more below about how we can help you with your personal injury matter, and call our office for a free consultation so we can learn about what happened and let you know how we can help.

We’ll Prove the Other Party’s Fault and Liability to You


The first hurdle to overcome after a car crash or other injury-causing accident is getting the other party (or their insurance company) to admit fault. They might say they weren’t negligent and didn’t do anything wrong, or if they did do something wrong, it wasn’t what caused the accident. To be liable, a party’s negligence must be both the factual cause (cause in fact) and the legal cause (proximate cause) of your injury. These are legal terms that the insurance companies know and that they will hide behind to say that the accident happened in some other way that wasn’t their insured’s fault. As the insurance claimant or injured plaintiff, the burden falls on you to prove the other party’s negligence, fault and liability. You either have to convince the insurance company or a judge and jury if a trial becomes necessary.

At Wind Law, LLC, we are experienced in handling car accidents and other claims from the very start, investigating the scene, gathering evidence, and building a strong case that proves the other party’s liability. Equally important, we’ll defend you against any unfounded claims that your own negligence was responsible for the accident. In Virginia, any amount of fault attributed to you can keep you from pursuing compensation from the other party, even if they were mostly to blame. It’s crucial to your case to have an experienced attorney on your side who knows the law and knows how to work a personal injury accident claim and prove the other party’s liability.

We’ll Build a Case for Maximum Compensation

Proving the other party is to blame is only half the battle in a personal injury claim. Once liability has been established, it’s time to determine how much that party owes you for the damage caused. Damages in a personal injury case can include costs such as:

  • Medical expenses, including hospital stays, surgeries, past and future doctor visits, physical therapy, medications, medical equipment, home health aides, and anything else you require to deal with your injury and improve as much as possible.
  • Lost wages, including payment for days you missed from work while injured, if your income and earning capacity will be diminished in the future, or if you are disabled from working because of your injury, whether temporarily and partially or permanently and completely.
  • Pain and suffering and related harm, including mental or emotional distress and loss in quality of life due to scarring, disfigurement, loss of mobility or loss of function.

In addition to the work that goes into calculating these damages, you’ll also need to be able to prove these damages persuasively in or out of court. Insurance companies are notorious for disputing the injury or the extent of damage caused. They’ll downplay the injury and say it isn’t serious, or they will argue that it couldn’t have happened in the particular accident but was due to some other cause, including a pre-existing condition or degenerative disease. Insurance companies even hire their own doctors to examine you and write up a report in their favor, even though these doctors aren’t the ones treating you.

Just as we know how to prove the other party’s fault, our team at Wind Law, LLC is experienced in building and presenting a strong, persuasive case for maximum compensation. Your physical needs, your family’s needs, and the principles of justice demand that you get compensated for the harm done to you through no fault of your own. Our personal injury legal team can help.

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