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Tripping accidents can be embarrassing. But they can also lead to serious injuries. And if your fall occurred on someone else’s property, the owner may be legally required to compensate you for those injuries.

Indeed, trip and fall accidents often occur because property owners are negligent in maintaining their premises. A Richmond trip and falls lawyer can review your case and help you determine if negligence played a role in your injuries. Ryan Wind is a personal injury attorney with more than a decade of experience in representing people hurt in preventable tripping accidents. He can negotiate a settlement with a negligent business owner and their insurance company–or failing that, take them to court on your behalf.

Trip and Fall Accidents Are Serious

Trip and Fall Accidents

When a business invites members of the public onto their property, it has a legal responsibility to keep the premises in reasonably safe condition. This includes identifying and remedying any potential tripping hazards, especially those that may not be “open and obvious” to people simply walking through the property. Some common examples of tripping hazards include:

  • ripped, torn, or loose carpeting;
  • loose or broken floor boards or stairs;
  • rugs that do not have non-slip backing;
  • merchandise that has fallen from shelves;
  • uneven paving stones on external walkways; and
  • elevators that do not open level to the floor.

While some of these hazards may not sound that serious, when a person suddenly trips and falls over one, they can in fact suffer injuries that require extensive medical attention. In some cases these injuries can even be fatal. Here are just a few examples of severe trip and fall injuries:

  • broken bones, including legs, arms, and hips;
  • traumatic brain injury (i.e., a concussion);
  • spinal cord damage;
  • cuts and lacerations requiring stitches;
  • facial disfigurement due to cuts and bruises; and
  • soft tissue damage to the neck and back.

If the property owner’s negligence caused the trip and fall accident, they can be required to pay for all of the victim’s medical bills arising from the types of injuries described above. The victim is also entitled to compensation for their loss of income if they are unable to work because of their injuries. They may also seek non-economic damages as compensation for their pain and suffering and psychological trauma arising from the accident.

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Most property owners have insurance to cover the possibility of trip and fall accidents. But insurance companies are not in the business of paying without putting up a fight. Insurers will often try to deny or shift blame for a trip and fall accident. They will often claim it was the victim’s fault or that their injuries are exaggerated.

This is where working with an experienced Richmond trip and falls lawyer can often prove crucial. Our team will fully investigate your accident and assist you in presenting the strongest possible case to an insurance company, and if needed by a judge and jury. So if you have been injured in an accident on someone else’s property and need to speak with an attorney right away, contact Wind Law, LLC, to schedule a consultation.