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Holding the negligent driver accountable is critical to obtaining justice and making sure you aren’t further victimized by having to shoulder the financial burden of another’s negligent, dangerous or distracted driving.

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Cyclists have the same rights and duties as other vehicle drivers on the road. Motorists must take care to avoid causing bicycle crashes, including approaching and passing at a reasonable speed and at least three feet to the left of the cyclist or else changing lanes to pass safely.

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Trucking accidents occur by the thousands in Virginia every year. Trucking accidents are complex events, and numerous parties can be responsible for causing the crash, including drivers, trucking companies, freight shippers, cargo loaders and others.

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When construction workers are injured on a construction site by the negligent actions of third-party independent contractors, the injured workers can go beyond workers’ comp and hold the negligent parties fully accountable for the damage caused.

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Plaintiff’s personal injury law is the field of law devoted to helping injury victims get the medical care and compensation they need and deserve after being injured by the negligence of another. Even when another party is responsible for your injury, it’s up to you to prove it to the insurance company or a jury and prove how much they owe you for your harm.

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When grocery stores, restaurants, retail stores and other commercial establishments invite the public onto their premises, they owe it to the public to maintain those premises in a safe condition, free of spills, tripping hazards and building defects that could cause a serious accident.

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Motorcycle accidents end in serious injury or death far more often than collisions between two cars, and the riders of the motorcycles are almost always the ones who wind up getting hurt. Wind Law is devoted to obtaining justice and compensation for victims and their families.

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Property owners should know when their premises contains a slipping hazard, and they should promptly clean it up or put up a warning until the hazard is repaired. Property owners who fail to conduct routine inspections of the premises can and should be held liable for serious and painful slip and fall injuries that result.

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Pedestrian accidents happen to people of all ages, year-round, day and night, on urban and rural roadways. They also happen at any place along the road, including in marked crosswalks where pedestrians have the right-of-way.

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Virginia law allows the family of an individual killed by another’s negligence to bring a lawsuit and recover all monetary damages “as may seem fair and just.” We help families achieve justice and accountability on behalf of their loved ones who were needlessly taken from them.

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We work diligently to see that you are treated fairly and get justice in your case.

Personal Injury Attorney in Richmond, VA

Born and raised in Virginia, Ryan E. Wind, founder and managing partner of Wind Law, LLC, our Richmond personal injury lawyer shares more than just a regional connection with our clients — he shares their dedication to the Commonwealth’s communities.

When any of our fellow Virginians’ lives are negatively impacted by negligence — whether it is a life-changing injury that occurs in a car crash or an incident that results in the loss of their loved one — our Richmond personal injury lawyer is here to help.

Ryan is licensed to practice law in all courts throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia, including the U.S. District Courts for the Eastern and Western Districts of Virginia. He is a member of multiple trial lawyer professional organizations at the local, state, and national levels, which allows his legal knowledge and resources to continuously evolve to not only meet but surpass our clients’ expectations.

From rural communities to the inner city, our Richmond personal injury attorney and support staff focus on providing compassionate, dedicated, and effective partnerships with our clients — no matter where they live or work in Virginia — so everyone we represent has a genuine opportunity to seek and obtain real results.

If you’ve been hurt because of another party’s negligence, it’s possible to hold them accountable for the harm they’ve caused. Seeking compensation for the damage done is an essential step in achieving justice – ensuring that the parties responsible for the injury are held to account for their misdeeds and making sure that injury victims aren’t forced to foot the bill for the costs imposed on them through no fault of their own.

To be successful in a claim for damages, however, you’ll have to prove the other party’s negligence and liability to you for the harm you suffered. To do this, you’ll need the help of an experienced, capable personal injury attorney with a record of success. Insurance companies typically settle claims for far less when dealing with someone who doesn’t have a lawyer. They might also deny your claim entirely, forcing you into litigation if you want to recover any compensation for your injury. Without a lawyer to guide you and act on your behalf, you could be left receiving far less money than you should or being shut out of any recovery at all.

At Wind Law, LLC, we represent real people, who need real legal help. Call us today to learn more.

The Richmond Personal Injury Lawyer You Want Working for You

Ryan Wind, the founder and principal attorney of Wind Law, LLC, has amassed a long string of successes and acquired a large adopted family of satisfied clients in his more than ten years of legal practice. As a trial attorney at some of the largest personal injury firms in Virginia, Ryan became known for his ability to get claims settled quickly while maximizing the recovery for his clients. Those clients, in their own words, praise Ryan not just for his work ethic and the results he attains, but also for his honest, caring, and supportive nature. You can trust Ryan and his team at Wind Law, LLC to be responsive to your questions, to have your best interests at heart, and to fight for you diligently and competently to achieve an outstanding result on your behalf.

Comprehensive Richmond Personal Injury Law Firm

Getting hurt in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence is more than just painful, expensive and debilitating; it’s also frustrating and irritating to suffer needlessly because some other party didn’t care enough to conduct themselves with a reasonable amount of care for the safety of others. Attorney Ryan Wind knows what it’s like to be treated unfairly, and that’s why he has devoted his career to seeking justice for accident victims. Justice is about more than just monetary compensation for the harm inflicted; it’s also about holding responsible parties accountable for their actions and forcing them to change their behavior in the future, making our Richmond community safer for others.

Why Do I Need a Richmond, Virginia Personal Injury Attorney?

Getting hurt in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence is more than just painful, expensive, and debilitating — it is also frustrating and irritating to suffer needlessly because the other party did not care enough to conduct themselves with a reasonable amount of care for the safety of others.

If you have been hurt because of another party’s negligence, it is possible to hold them accountable for the harm they have caused. Ensuring those responsible for your injuries are held to account for their negligent actions or inaction is fully possible by pursuing a Virginia personal injury claim against the liable person or party.

However, the at-fault party’s insurance provider is going to demand you prove their policyholder owed you a duty of care, and was, indeed, negligent, which led directly to your injuries, and that the economic and non-economic damages were the result of their negligence. This is difficult to do on your own, especially when you are focusing on getting your life back on track.

The stress and anxiety of the mounting medical bills and the lack of income after an accident can be overwhelming. Adding a fight with the insurance company to your daily activities can be detrimental to your recovery. In short, going at it alone often means adding insult to injury. First, the insurance representative will attempt to blame you for the incident. Next, they will diminish the extent of your injuries, and undervalue your claim — and in some cases, deny it outright.

This is not fair to you, or your family. We can help.

We will fully investigate the incident that caused your injuries or the loss of your loved one and build your case around the facts and resources available to accurately outline your complete financial recovery needs.

For 15 years, our personal injury lawyer in Richmond has developed successful outcomes for our fellow Virginians, whom he calls “some of the best clients an attorney could ask for.”

Our clients, in their own words, applaud Ryan, not just for his work ethic and the results he attains, but also for his honest, caring, and supportive nature. We can help produce the same meaningful results for you and your family, starting with a free consultation today.

What Type of Compensation Can I Pursue During a Virginia Personal Injury Claim?

At Wind Law, our Richmond personal injury lawyer represents individuals and families whose lives have been impacted by negligence throughout Virginia.

Our primary goal is to partner with our clients, so they know they have more than a trusted legal advisor by their side, but a friend who is pursuing their best interests. With 15 years of experience, our highly skilled Virginia personal injury attorney connects with our communities and the people who live in them to pursue the financial outcome they deserve.

We outline each of our client’s unique recovery needs based on the severity of the incident, and how it correlates to the injuries they sustained to provide a realistic approach to pursuing the best results for your case based on the relationship we build together.

While each case is unique, some of the most common recovery requirements may include, but are not limited to:

  • Current and future medical expenses, including surgeries, prescriptions, and physical therapy.
  • Current and future lost wages.
  • Diminished earning capacity.
  • Scarring and disfigurement, including burns, amputations, or dismemberment.
  • Pain and suffering caused by physical discomfort, inconvenience, and emotional distress.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder impacting the injured party’s ability to maintain gainful employment and personal relationships.

Our Richmond personal injury attorney understands how quickly negligence can change our clients’ lives. Born and raised in a large family in Virginia, he understands that when a parent or child is injured or loses their life because of another person’s negligence, everyone suffers from the physical, emotional, and financial fallout. Getting you and your family back on track is more than our priority — it is a promise we work diligently to fulfill.

How Long Do I Have to File a Personal Injury Claim in Virginia?

With extremely limited exceptions, the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury lawsuit is two years from the date of the accident or injury in Virginia. However, it is important to talk to a skilled Richmond personal injury attorney after the accident occurs, so we can begin preserving important evidence that will impact the strength of your case. The same is true for wrongful death cases. For wrongful death cases in the state of Virginia, the eligible filing party has two years from the date of their loved one’s death to bring a claim against the negligent person or party.

How Long Will My Richmond, Virginia Personal Injury Claim Take to Produce Results?

Much like the financial compensation we pursue for each case, the timing it takes to maximize each client’s personal injury claim is unique. Our skilled Richmond personal injury lawyer will present your case to the at-fault party’s insurance representatives and begin the negotiation process while keeping you informed throughout each step of the process.

If the negotiations break down at any time before we can reach the maximum outcome for your case, we will aggressively pursue the best outcome inside the courtroom.

We pride ourselves on protecting each of our client’s rights and building trustworthy partnerships through honest and open communication. We are here to do the hard part, in outlining the facts of your case from a legal perspective, evaluating your injuries and overall compensation needs, and pursuing the liable party for the best outcome available for your unique case.

Partner With Our Dedicated Personal Injury Attorney in Richmond, Virginia Today

Before founding Wind Law, Ryan Wind was a trial attorney at some of the largest personal injury firms in Virginia who became known for his ability to settle claims quickly while maximizing his clients’ outcomes.

If you or a loved one has been injured because of a negligent driver, store owner, product manufacturer, or another party anywhere in Virginia, Wind Law is here to support you and your family, removing the obstacles associated with personal injury claims, so that together we can seek justice.

Our devoted Richmond personal injury attorney knows what it is like to be treated unfairly, and that is why he has devoted his career to seeking justice for accident victims. Justice is about more than just monetary compensation for the harm inflicted — it is also about holding responsible parties accountable for their actions and forcing them to change their behavior in the future, making our Virginia communities safer for others.

We offer free initial consultations and take injury cases on a contingency basis. This means we do not charge any upfront fees or out-of-pocket costs to take qualifying cases. We will only collect our legal fees after we win your case. If we do not produce a positive outcome for your personal injury claim, you do not pay us. That is our promise to our fellow Virginians.

Contact our dedicated personal injury attorney in Richmond, Virginia today to discuss your important case during a free consultation. We want to hear your story, so we can ensure your voice is heard, and work diligently to see that you are treated fairly and get justice in your case.

In Richmond, Virginia, Wind Law, LLC is the perfect choice to represent you in your injury claim. Here you will find personal attention from an experienced and successful personal injury attorney who is dedicated to helping you and your family put your lives back together after a tragic accident. Get the help you need by contacting Wind Law, LLC today, and get started on your road to recovery in a free consultation with a skilled and knowledgeable attorney devoted to helping the injured find justice and accountability for the harm they’ve endured.

Ryan e Wind

Ryan E. Wind Attorney At Law

Ryan E. Wind is the founder of Wind Law, LLC, where he serves the people of Richmond who have been injured or lost a loved one because of another party’s negligence. Ryan grew up in Tappahannock, Virginia, and clients appreciate how easy it is to talk with Ryan, how comfortably he relates to them, and the personal attention he provides to every client. Ryan has a strong work ethic and brings big law firm experience to his practice at Wind Law, LLC. Ryan is committed to helping the citizens of Richmond and surrounding areas who want nothing more than justice for the harm they have suffered.

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