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Loss of Limb

Some injuries never heal. If you lose a limb or a body part due to an accident, you must deal with a permanent change to your way of life. And to make matters worse, many loss of limb injuries are the result of a preventable accident caused by someone else’s thoughtless or reckless actions.

A qualified Richmond loss of limb lawyer can assist you in seeking compensation for the physical and emotional trauma you have been forced to ensure. Attorney Ryan Wind is a Virginia personal injury litigator with over a decade of experience in helping victims obtain settlements and judgments for their losses. His team and Wind Law, LLC, understand that no amount of money can bring back a lost limb. But they can still fight to ensure your loss is fully and fairly compensated under the law.

Your Right to Workers’ Compensation, Personal Injury Damages Following an Amputation

Loss of Limb

Just about any accident can lead to an amputation, i.e., a loss of a limb. Some of the more common scenarios we see with our clients include motor vehicle crashes, construction accidents, and defective equipment. In the case of construction and work-related amputations, such injuries are often the result of inadequate or negligent workplace safety practices that create a significant risk of harm for workers.

Depending on the details of a given accident, the victim may be faced with the choice of having a limb amputated (removed) or reconstructed. Both choices face certain risks and drawbacks. For one thing, both procedures are often quite costly. Between the need for hospitalization and post-surgery rehabilitation, victims may face medical bills in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.


At the same time, a loss of limb can permanently affect your ability to work. If a loss of limb injury occurred while the victim was on the job, their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance can provide medical and wage replacement benefits. Indeed, an amputation is considered a “catastrophic injury,” meaning the affected worker is entitled to receive compensation for the loss of their limb. And in some cases, a worker may be eligible for permanent total disability payments for the rest of their life.

When loss of limb is the result of third-party negligence outside the employment context, however, the victim must often file a personal injury lawsuit to obtain compensation. Damages in loss of limb cases are often quite significant given the permanent nature of the injury. A negligent defendant can be ordered to pay not just the victim’s past and future medical bills but also provide compensation for the loss of future earning potential and ongoing pain and suffering.

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Calculating damages in a loss of limb case is often quite complex. Many victims may be tempted to accept an initial lowball offer from an insurance company looking to settle quickly. But you should always work with a skilled Richmond loss of limb lawyer who can help ensure you receive a complete and fair settlement.

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