Why Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

One of the first things you do after a car accident, even while you are still at the scene if possible, is exchange information with the other driver, including insurance information. You can call your insurance company or theirs, and if you don’t, the other driver will. Either way, don’t insurance companies get involved right away and handle the claim from there, figuring out who was at fault, how much damage was done, and cutting a check from the responsible party to the accident victim? Is there any reason you can’t do this on your own and save yourself the cost of a lawyer? There is a reason. In fact, there are several. Read on to see why hiring a personal injury lawyer is the right choice, and why hiring Wind Law, LLC in Richmond is the best choice. Call 804-773-3815 with any questions or for immediate assistance after a Richmond car accident, slip and fall, or any personal injury negligence claim.

You’ll Get More Money With a Lawyer

We could save this one for the end, but it’s important enough to state up front. People who settle their claims with insurance companies by themselves get less money than people who use a lawyer. Insurance company claims adjustors are trained experts when it comes to deciding which party is liable, valuing claims, and persuading injury victims to give up on their claims or take whatever the insurer is offering. Even if you are a skillful and experienced negotiator in your own right, unless you handle auto insurance claims for a living, you are most certainly overmatched in this particular negotiation. An experienced personal injury attorney like Ryan Wind knows the law, knows how insurance claims work, and knows how much your claim is worth. A lawyer like Ryan Wind with a long string of successes inside and outside of the courtroom is more than a match for the insurance company, and the insurers know it too.

Personal Injury Claims Are Complicated

Even without going to court, there are a lot of legal issues that go into pursuing and settling an accident claim successfully. You could make statements that end up being used against you as admissions of fault or that contradict your stated injury. You could miss out on critical deadlines to put the other party on notice or file a lawsuit. And you could fail to recognize what evidence is critical to your case and secure it appropriately. There are countless other issues like this. A lawyer who has handled dozens or hundreds of accident claims will know what pitfalls to avoid and won’t make simple mistakes that doom your case.

You’ve Got Enough on Your Plate Already

If you or a family member is hurt, you’ve got more than enough to deal with without adding on trying to deal with the insurance company on top of everything else. You need to be focusing on getting better physically and putting your life back together. Why add on dealing with insurance company claims adjustors, talking to defendants and their lawyers, making calls to doctors and police departments to get medical and crash records, etc.? Let a legal professional handle the legal side of things for you, so you can focus on yourself and your family while we work to get the best result on your injury claim.

Get Medical Care for Your Injury

If you have health insurance and a family physician, you might already have your medical care covered. If not, you can go through your attorney to get the medical care you need. For instance, at Wind Law, LLC we have worked with many doctors over the years and can recommend a physician to examine and treat you based on your particular type of injury. If paying for medical bills is an issue, we can arrange with the doctor to treat you without any upfront costs and take their fees later when your claim is settled. This includes medical doctors, physical therapists, and other healthcare providers you might need to see.

Be Ready for Trial

It’s true that most cases settle out of court, but a fraction do go to trial. Having an experienced trial lawyer represent you in negotiations means that you will be ready if your case needs to go to trial for the best outcome. You will also get a better settlement if you are represented by a trial lawyer. The possibility of having to face a jury is a factor that yields better settlements from the insurance company. If you are representing yourself or don’t have an experienced attorney on your side, the insurer isn’t worried about a trial and doesn’t have the same incentive to meet your demands and settle to avoid going to court.

Your Lawyer Is Loyal to You

If you are dealing with the insurance company by yourself, you might think they are looking out for your best interests and covering all your costs. But at the bottom line, their interests are adverse to yours; it is in their interest to pay as little as possible while it’s in your interest to get the most compensation available for your claim. Your attorney doesn’t have any other interests besides maximizing compensation for you. Since personal injury lawyers operate on a contingency fee basis, their fees are tied to the amount they recover for you. Your interest in maximum compensation is perfectly aligned with your lawyer’s interest, and you can trust they will do all they can to get you the best result.

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