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Stop Sign Accidents

One of the most basic rules of traffic safety is that a driver must bring their vehicle to a complete stop at a stop sign or red light. Even though we all know this rule, it is still commonly ignored. Indeed, running a stop sign is one of the most common causes of preventable car accidents in Virginia.

Running a stop sign may not seem like a big deal. But when someone is seriously injured–or even killed–in a collision, then ignoring that stop sign becomes proof of a driver’s negligence. If you or someone in your family has been a victim of such negligence, Richmond stop sign accidents lawyer Ryan Wind can help. His team at Wind Law, LLC, represents motor vehicle accident victims seeking compensation for their medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering.

Virginia’s Rules of the Road for Stop Signs

Virginia law is fairly straightforward when it comes to stop signs. Any motorist approaching a stop sign–or red light in the case of a traffic signal–must come to a complete stop before reaching the closest of (1) the crosswalk, (2) a clearly marked stop line, or (3) the intersection itself.

When multiple vehicles approach a four-way stop sign, the driver who stops first generally has the right-of-way to proceed into the intersection first. The other drivers may then proceed based on the order in which they stopped. If two drivers arrive at the intersection simultaneously, the driver on the right generally has the right-of-way. And if two drivers approach the intersection from opposite sides the driver going straight–as opposed to making a turn–has the right of way.

traffic signals

With respect to traffic signals, in Virginia it is generally permissible to make a right turn after stopping at a red light, unless there is signage indicating such turns are prohibited. It is also acceptable to turn left after stopping at a red light at the intersection of two one-way streets. And if a light is yellow or amber, any vehicles that have not already entered the intersection must stop when it is not reasonably safe to proceed.

While these rules may be simple enough to follow, they can lead to complications when it comes to determining fault for an accident. Virginia is a contributory negligence state. This means that if a plaintiff in a personal injury case is found even partially responsible for an accident, they are not entitled to recover any monetary damages from the defendant. And when it comes to stop sign accidents, it is not uncommon for the defense to argue the plaintiff was illegally in the intersection when the collision occurred.

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Even when you are convinced the other driver illegally ran a stop sign, you should never assume they will accept responsibility for the accident. You need to work with an experienced Richmond stop sign accident lawyer who can investigate your case and advise you of your options for seeking compensation. Contact our Richmond personal injury lawyers at Wind Law, LLC, today to schedule a consultation.