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Negligent Trailer Loading

When you see a tractor-trailer speeding down the highway, you may not stop to think about how much cargo may be loaded in that truck. Indeed, a semi-truck may weigh as much as 80,000 pounds when fully loaded. And if that cargo was not properly loaded or secured, it can come loose during transport and cause a potentially catastrophic accident.

Indeed, improper loading of cargo is often cited as a critical factor in rollover and jackknife accidents involving commercial trucks. So it is important to investigate the potential legal liability of the companies responsible for loading the cargo in the first place. An experienced Richmond negligent trailer loading lawyer can help. Attorney Ryan Wind and his team at Wind Law, LLC, can represent you if you, or someone that you love, has been seriously injured in an accident involving a commercial truck. We can look into all of the possible reasons for the accident, including the possibility of negligent trailer loading.

How Can Improper Loading of Cargo Cause an Accident?

Cargo Cause an Accident

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) sets certain minimum safety standards for loading cargo onto commercial trucks engaged in interstate commerce. Broadly speaking, these standards require truck operators to firmly secure all cargo using appropriate methods, such as tie-downs or wedges. It is important that any method used is secure and will not come undone while the vehicle is actually in transit.

Some examples improper and negligent trailer loading include:

  • loading a truck beyond its legal weight limit;
  • failing to secure the cargo at multiple anchor points;
  • failing to follow rules for securing specific types of cargo, such as lumber or large containers;
  • not keeping logs of all cargo loaded and its weights.

Keep in mind, there are a few different risks with respect to negligent loading of cargo. One is that improperly fastened cargo can become loose during transport and shift the weight of the truck, which can affect the driver’s ability to steer. Another is that if the truck has an open top, individual pieces of cargo can fall off the truck and collide with another vehicle. Another common issue is that if the truck is simply overloaded–i.e., it is carrying more weight than it was safely designed to handle–the vehicle may suffer a tire blowout or rollover.

Depending on the facts of a particular case there may be a number of parties who may be legally responsible for any damages caused by improperly secured cargo. This includes the truck driver and truck operator. But it may also include a third-party that assumed responsibility for loading the cargo into the truck in the first place.

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Accidents caused by improperly secured cargo often lead to serious, life-threatening injuries. Victims may pursue a personal injury claim for a variety of legal damages, including their medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering. And in many cases there may be multiple defendants who will have to pay for these losses.

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