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Distracted Driver Accident

Although drunk driving accidents tend to draw a lot of public attention–and with good reason–distracted driving is a far more common cause of injuries and death in Virginia. While Virginia has taken some steps in recent years to combat distracted driving, it remains a far-too-common problem on our streets. Indeed, at one time or another most of us can admit to trying to “multitask” while driving to work or taking the kids to school.

But at the end of the day, distracted driving is negligent driving. And if a driver has injured you because they were too busy looking at their phone or talking with their passengers, they can be held legally liable for your losses arising from a preventable crash. A qualified Richmond hit-by-distracted driver lawyer can review your accident and advise you of your options for seeking compensation. Attorney Ryan Wind has a track record of successfully negotiating personal injury settlements on behalf of distracted driving accident victims–and if necessary he can also present your case to a jury.

Distracted Driving Is Negligent Driving

As of 2021, it is against the law in Virginia for a driver to hold their smartphone or any similar “wireless communications devices” while they are actually behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. There are limited exceptions for driver emergencies and times when the vehicle is lawfully parked or stopped. But otherwise, nobody should be texting or using their phone while driving.

Distracted Driver Accident

Unfortunately, the penalty for violating this rule is nothing more than a fine: $125 for a first offense and $250 for any subsequent violations. And there are many other forms of distracted driving that can lead to an accident that are not strictly speaking illegal. Some common examples of dangerous driver distractions include:

  • eating food or consuming beverages purchased at a drive-thru;
  • fiddling with controls inside the car, such as air conditioning or the radio;
  • conversing with passengers inside the car;
  • attempting to “discipline” children seated in the back of the car;
  • looking out the window to see another accident or traffic jam;
  • searching for objects lost in the center console or back seat; or
  • simply “zoning out” or daydreaming.

Again, many of these distracted behaviors are commonplace and will not draw the attention of a traffic cop. But they are all factors that may be cited as proof of a driver’s negligence in the event of an accident. Remember, drivers are responsible for keeping their full attention on the road at all times. Any deviation from this is negligent, even if the conduct was unintentional or spur-of-the-moment.

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